Web Development Proposal

Web Development Proposal


Web Design & Development Proposal




The Managing Director

Sisva Developments Ltd

Mobile/Telephone: +88 01234 567 890

Email: sisva@gmail.com

Web: http://sisvas.com/


Subject: Web Development Proposal for Sisva Developments Ltd (Design, Maintenance & Marketing)


Dear Sir,

Thank you for the opportunity to talk to you a few days ago and discussions we had regarding your web site design & marketing requirements. BPOEngine and its sister concerns have been providing web development and digital marketing services to national and international clients since 2012. We are very humbled to have an opportunity to work for your Sisva Developments Ltd and putting our proposal to build a website & digital marketing as per your requirements. BPOEngine firmly believes that this initiative will create a positive predisposition towards the brand, through effective development & advertising so that your potential visitors and their FNFs considers Sisva Developments Ltd whenever they need  House Developments Services for themselves or for their well-wishers.


The value proposition of this engagement


Digital Media / Web Portal is a two-way communication medium unlike any other, brands can translate these interactions into profitable engagements if interpreted correctly. It also provides the brand with a platform through which they can increase usability, visibility, communicate with potential consumers, gain feedback & take interaction to the next level. Engagement of BPOEngine for the web & digital marketing campaign will enable Sisva Developments Ltd to keep track of every visit and interaction potential clients make. Armed with this information, we can plan our next move and convert to more visits to turn into permanent customers or beneficiaries of Sisva Developments Ltd.


Our aim is straightforward. We are looking for the chance to take your business to the next level. With an awesome team of dedicated coders & marketers, we will offer you a robust and eye-catching website that will adapt any screen size from smartphones to 4k displays.


We do not only make your website better but also help you to create a brand by our marketing team.


According to our understanding, at this moment, we have to focus on two major things. One is a web design, and another one is Local SEO through Keyword Research. As your main target customers are local (Khulna,BD), we have a good chance to reach them with web & Local SEO marketing. According to our basic research, we have found many successful online/offline Developments business throughout the BD, we have found one particular market leader “BD Housing”  they have started operation many years ago and has successfully partnered with many company & peoples. They have a strong database of hundreds of companies and have captured almost 20% of the current market.


According to our experts, we are focusing on BD Housing to make the best strategy and considering it the main competitor in the market. We have prepared this proposal regarding what we should do to launch a successful CL web portal/application for a successful business ahead.

Right now has more than 2000 fans on their Facebook Page. So we are going to deal with an adamant competitor in the market.


We are aiming to take the following activities during our engagement:


BPOEngine will design and develop a dynamic website with the scope of a future extension to e-commerce (if necessary), forum, and any other service required by you (for example web portal/online portal/ support portal or mobile application or ad-games). The server and database will be created and maintained by BPOEngine. BPOEngine will be responsible for creating content, managing administrative tasks, creating and designing interactive user designs (e.g. Banners, specifications, and relevant content, etc.


First of all, BPOEngine will perform the website Design in the assigned domain to create a mobile-friendly and interactive website on your preferred domain. The website design will be finalized by the CLIENT according to design patterns and branding collaboration. BPOEngine will submit the whole source code and all the administrative access to you.


We have the team to do the following things:


  • Content Development: Coming up with innovative, relevant, and engaging content for all the digital platforms. Launching occasional campaigns to build the relevance to increase top of mind awareness in addition to aligning with the above the line and below the line of development & marketing
  • Technical Issue: Page Speed, Mobile Friendly, AMP, Fb Instant Article Setup, On-Page SEO Setup, Off-Page SEO Setup, You have to do all the things almost regularly.
  • Placement Management: Creating a meaningful omnipresence; whenever people search for craigslist posting service/info category, they get to see. Bringing media innovations to get the maximum output from the communications we will push
  • Engagement Management: Creating brand Innovative properties for which the brands will be known for and people would love to interact. To generate the top of mind awareness among the people and the young generation through effective engagement BE.com take care of all activities in consultation with the decision-makers.
  • Target Results: A fully functional dynamic website & Increase the brand value, bring more customers as well as income (approximate 10000 USD/month) in the BD and get value for money of this engagement.
  • Suggestion: 01. Different language versions of web 02. Profile building system 03. Content creation & marketing for the lifetime value 04. Super first hosting 05. Other Ad service & product details in blog 06. Friendly URL: https://bpoengine.com/web-development-proposal/  07. Special marketing to get clients


Technologies that we will use:


Team BPOEngine is offering PHP as the backend technology to the client. For the front-end, we will be using html5, css3, jQuery, JavaScript, Ajax (if needed). MySQL & Nginx will use for database & server-side technologies.

The whole project for the client will take approximately 20-30 working days to complete with UI integration and testing from the day of signing the work order.

All updated web & digital marketing technology including:

Requirements Form Client:


  • Website Info (Domain Name, Hosting, cPanel & Others), also we can provide all the things.
  • All Social Media Access.
  • Color codes of your organization,
  • Soft Logo, Banner, Images for designing banners and contents,
  • Contents about pages and contact information.


Price for the engagement (excluding VAT & AIT):


  • $750 USD




Sl. Item Name Specification and timing Qty. Amount


01. Maintenance ( With On-Page SEO) As Long As You Want 1 $100/M
02. Design 10-15 days 1 $450
03. Security, Deployment & Polishing One Time 1 $100
04. Third-Party Integrations If Necessary N/A On-Demand
05. Branding images As long As you want 1 $50/M
06. Off-Page SEO (Off-Page) As Long As You Want 1 $50/M
07. Content (English) 1000/w $10
08. Apps Android & IOS 2 On-Demand
Total = $750
In Word: Seven hundred & fifty USD only. (If needed you can include or exclude any service)


To Check Local SEO Service, Please Visit This Link ( Please Choose A Package As Per Your Requirements, Also You Can Call US at 88 01716 988 953 To Get Instant Help


Our Website Client List


BPOEngine has designed & developed a 200+ website. Here you will get some of our previous website client lists. You can trust us. 1700+ website building experience will not disappoint you.


Payment Policy:


  1. 50% pay in advance during the work order issuance from your organization followed by milestone payment. ( Rest of the 25% when 75% works are done and rest of the 25% when full works are done/ at the time of final delivery)

Thank you again for the opportunity and we will come to meet you for further discussion about our proposals.


Yours faithfully

Mahbub Osmane

Head of Business at BPOEngine.com

Contact number: 01716 988 953

Email: info@BPOEngine.com

Web: www.BPOEngine.com

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