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Why You’ll Make More Money With The BPOEngine?

BPOEngine Affiliate Provides:

  • Up to 25% Commissions
  • 90 Day Cookie
  • Easy Signup
  • High Converting Funnel

Awesome Funnel & Follow up: When you send traffic to us, we go all out to make it convert. We have a highly converting autoresponder, webinars, special offers, retargeting, a live sales team, awesome support, and MORE. We go above and beyond to get you your commissions.

Industry Dominating 25% Payouts: We pay up to 25% commissions on BPOEngine Products. That means larger payouts in your pocket for each package ordered by your referrals.

On our larger high ticket products, you can earn 5% which equates to $25-$150+ commission on each order. This payout structure applies to BPOEngine’s Digital Services & Products.


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    Earn More With Our 60 Day Tracking Cookies: On average, each of our client’s purchases 1.42 packages. That means they can easily spend $200-400 within their first 2 months of working with us. You get paid on all sales within 60 days of referring the client to us.


    The Fastest Growing Brand in Digital Services:

    Why should you pay attention to the brand as a member? simple. Because people buy goods from brands they trust. We attend and participate in major industry conferences. We have contributed to leading publications. We buy media to expand brand awareness. Therefore, we are the fastest growing brand in this area, and its conversion rate will continue to increase.

    We Work Harder to Close Sales:

    Unlike other quotations without real sales support, we have an internal sales team that can quickly respond to any inquiries, solve problems, and close sales. All promising potential customers will be entered into our CRM, and members of our persistent professional team will follow up until the sale is over and get paid. Not only that, but we also carried out retargeting advertising campaigns, which attracted more new customers to complete the purchase, and attracted existing customers to re-order. You will get all the benefits.

    Constant Split Testing to Keep Conversions Growing:

    At any time, we will conduct group testing to improve the conversion rate of the website. Many results in these tests can be improved by 10-40%. This means you can make more money and do nothing. Similarly, our products are constantly evolving to satisfy customers and return more.

    Optimized Banners Inside our Affiliate Interface:

    We give you the tools you need to succeed. Use our tested banners to get your campaign going in no time.

    Our Customer Service Obsession Makes You Look Good:

    If you have a long-term audience, each product recommendation will help or damage your relationship with them. We are fascinated by providing a “WOW” experience. Through every order, every customer service interaction, every support request, our goal is to make BPOEngine our customer. Therefore, we will make you look good and can introduce us to the audience.


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      The BPOEngine Affiliate Program Details

      To become an authorized member of BPOEngine, you agree to abide by the terms and conditions in this agreement.

      Please read this agreement carefully before registering and using this service as a member. By registering for the BPOEngine affiliate/membership program, you are accepting this agreement and its terms and conditions.


      Terms and Conditions

      This is not a discount plan, you cannot use your own membership code to purchase. We will delete any commissions in doubt for any reason. We also block commissions from the same IP as the referrer.

      Brand domain names are not allowed. No legal brand owns 50 brand websites.

      Never use words like “warning”, “fraud” or “prank” to get a higher click-through rate, but it will damage the overall reputation and impression of the brand (no one argues whether it is “fraud” for legitimate products)

      All efforts must be 100% transparent. All mail should be approved in advance. If you want to buy media and serve different creatives, it ’s best to contact us first.

      BPOEngine is a Digital Service & Business Consulting agency. We support questions about services and orders, also provide advice to customers.

      We reserve the right to delete any suspicious commissions, delete members or suspend payment for any member who violates these rules or for any reason.


      Linking to our website

      After accepting the plan, a link will be provided to you through the member web interface. Your acceptance of our plan means that you agree and abide by the following rules.

      • You will only use the link code obtained from the member’s web interface without any action.
      • Your website will not contain an “official website”, nor does it mean that your ad has been endorsed or sponsored by BPOEngine in any way. It may not be copied in any way, similar to or reflect the appearance of our website, nor will it leave you with the impression that your website is our website.
      • You must not engage in cookie filling or include pop-ups, false or misleading links on the website. In addition, wherever possible, you will not try to block referral URL information (that is, the page from which the click originated).


      PPC Guidelines

      If you have joined our program and participated in PPC advertising, you must follow the following PPC guidelines:

      • You may not bid on any of our trademark terms (see below), including any variations or misspellings of search-based or content-based campaigns on Google, Bing, Yahoo, or any other network.
      • Without our prior written authorization, you may not use our trademark terms and any other keywords (ie BPOEngine coupon) in order. We have a strict intolerance policy for PPC trademark bidding. If you violate our policy to use our trademark terms for PPC trademark bidding, your commission will be set to 0% without warning. If you use PPC trademark bidding, we may cancel your commission within 30 days.
      • You may not include our trademark terms in the ad title, ad copy, display name, or display URL.
      • You must not direct link to our website through any “pay-per-click” advertisements, nor can you use redirects that produce the same results. The affiliate link must be directed to the actual page on your website.

      Domain Names:

      Use of any of our trademarked terms as part of the domain or sub-domain for your website is strictly prohibited i.e. BPOEngine or www.ca.BPOEngine.com


      Our list of trademarks includes, but is not limited to: The BPOEngine, BPOEngine.com, BPOEngine Digital

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