About Us

BPOEngine is a trusted Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) partner specializing in Digital Marketing, Copywriting & Marketing, Creative Production, Website, Software & Application Development & Quality Assurance services. Our expert service teams complement and improve the day-to-day operations of clients. Digital publishing, technology companies, and agencies are our main targets to serve.

BPOEngine has a simple mission: to help our clients exceed their own goals by leveraging the best technology talent in the world. With offices in Canada, Bangladesh, USA, and Turkey. Our teams add quantifiable and sustainable value to our clients. We do things differently than other BPO companies, and that’s helped us grow consistently every year.

Though our team comprises varied expertise like developers, designers, marketers, and coders every single one of us are like an entrepreneur. We are very democratic in our ideas. We are a bunch of crazy problem solvers.

Our Background

Findings from our conversations with over 100+ digital entrepreneurs led us to build BPO Engine. Delay in delivery, poor quality of services, and ineffective communication are the major problems they face every day while working with BPO in India, the Philippines, Bangladesh, and Vietnam. To solve these issues, we started BPO Engine capitalizing on technology to ensure quality and on-time delivery of digital services for the small & medium size business, individual entrepreneurs and social influencers.

Our Strategy

We never stop thinking. We keep innovating in building tools, doing better communication, and providing better digital services to the brands and individual entrepreneurs. Our aim is to become the most impactful contributor to the entire BPO industry by building a transparent ecosystem. We are bringing all digital stakeholders in a single ecosystem and empowering them all, from business to individuals, influencers to brands.

A Business Needs Digital Staff

Our BPOEngine Team members can work independently for you or as a team depending on the size and requirements of your business. You can hire BPOEngine team members for: Paid Advertising (All Social Media Ads), Graphic Design & Video Editing, Copywriting & Content Creation, Software Updates & Development, Website Updates & Development, Data Analysts & Data Interpretation (Advertising & Analytics), Social Media Marketing & Management, Marketing Automation & Chat Bots, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), General VA & Back Office Support(24 hrs on request), Domain & Hosting, Customer Support & Live Chat, e-Commerce & Fulfillment.

Scale your staffing needs up or down based on your business needs or project. Flexible staffing to suit start-ups through to enterprise-sized companies. No long-term commitments (unless you need the security). No messy contracts. Just hardworking BPO team members.


– Ongoing management, productivity and improvement of team members via Team Manager and Staffing Manager
– Free assistance with connecting to new or additional team members for new projects or to scale operations

Note: Many freelancers or independent workers in South East Asia do not pay income tax, even though by law they are required to do so. We’ve found many of our clients are unaware of this (as they never thought to ask their freelancers if they pay tax). It can leave the client exposed to negative public relations (association with sweatshops), moral dilemmas, and legal consequences, especially if your brand is well known.

BPOEngine Ltd is compliant with Bangladeshi Labor and tax laws via its Bangladeshi company, BPOEngine Global Services Inc, and BPOEngine ( Canada ), our parent company.

Team Member

When you hire BPOEngine team members your hourly or fixed rate includes.

– Team member experience and skills
– Ongoing Digital Training (Internal)
– 2 weeks paid annual leave, sick leave, compassionate leave, and regular bonuses
– Payroll Management / Government Taxes on behalf of the employee
– Government Contributions – Social Security, Medical, Home Loans
– Private Health Insurance (all employees)


– All team members are full-time employees of BPOEngine, working from our offices, not from home where results vary considerably
– Leased floor space
– Electricity (with backup power generators)
– Multiple 200+ Mbps optic fiber connections (with redundancy)
– Hardware and software maintenance
– Office furniture
– Administration & Government Compliance

Our Qualified Members


“BPOEngine is a more cost-effective way to support our business than anything we've done before." I think BPOEngine is very suitable for ranking websites. After a while, we saw the results of using the BPOEngine service. Our company is very happy to use BPOEngine services. Prior to this, we spent a lot of time and money ranking websites but did not get any results. When we are familiar with BPOEngine SEO and its outsourcing services, our business has made great progress in all aspects.”
David Goosenberg
Business Manager at Clutch
“BPOEngine helped us rewrite all the advertisements and observed its effect on our website within six weeks. BPOEngine's service has played a huge role in all of our business. As a Project Manager of YPG, I recommend it to companies of all sizes.”
Pritika Elish
Project Manager at YPG
“There are a lot of companies out there that are just not very attentive to their clients; they are often reactive. It’s so much easier to be proactive. and That's one of the areas where I think the BPO Engine team does an excellent job. They are very attentive to their clients. We have taken an eCommerce software from them, still, we are using it for our ecommerce business & they are providing very well after sell support, also we are taking blog content from them "
Venessa Cox
Director at InsideOutLegals

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